Ngagyur Nyingma College
Institute of Advanced Buddhist Studies

Code of Conduct

  1. A monk should always be dressed in the robes of an ordained monk in accordance with the Vinaya Sutra.
  2. Any activity not conforming to the vows of a novice monk such as singing and dancing are prohibited.
  3. One is not allowed to go out on leave without a valid reason except once a month.
  4. If needed, one can do so after getting permission from the proper authorities.
  5. On breaking the rule, one will be disciplined accordingly and must make a commitment to not repeat the same.
  6. Should follow all the rules specified in the Rules and Regulations Handbook.
  7. Formation of any kinds of committee or group is not allowed, unless consented by the head of the monastery.
  8. A two-hour outing is allowed on every Sunday.
  9. Once a month on Saturday, a half-day outing is allowed.
  10. All rules mentioned above are subject to change by the management at any time.