The Trirab

Although countless individuals have contributed to Mindrolling's rich legacy, the lineage has passed down through two main branches: the Trichen lineage known as Tri Rab, or throne holder, and the Khen Rab, or vinaya holder. The eldest son assumes the title of Trichen (throne holder) and a younger brother becomes the Khenchen and holds the vinaya line.

  • Tri Chögyal Terdag Lingpa (or Rigzin Jurme Dorje)
  • Tri Pema Jurme Gyatso
  • Tri Gyalsay Rinchen Namgyal
  • Tri Jurme Pema Tenzin
  • Tri Jurme Thrinley Namgyal
  • Tri Jurme Pema Wangyal
  • Tri Jurme Sange Kunga
  • Tri JurmeYidzhin Wangyal
  • Tri Jurme Dechen Chogdrub
  • (Since there were no sons, the daughter Jetsun Chimed Deden Drolma married the great master Tristsab Pema Wangchen who became the Regent)
  • Tri Jurme Dondrub Wangyal
  • Tri Jurme Kunzang Wangyal, the present throne holder of Mindrolling.