Female Masters : Jetsün Tsewang Lhamo

Birth and Ancestry

Jetsun Tsewang LhamoJetsün Tsewang Lhamo was born as the daughter of Tritsab Pema Wangchen and was the grand-aunt to Mindrolling Trichen.





Root Guru, Ordination, and Teachings

Jetsün Tsewang Lhamo's root guru was Jampal Dewei Nyima from whom she took her ordination vows and received the highest mind instructions. Jetsünma also received profound instructions and teachings from Khenchen Khyentse Norbu and Chung Rinpoche.

Leaving Tibet for India

After the Cultural Revolution, Jetsünma lived with Chung Rinpoche until he passed away in 1979. In 1982, Jetsünma left Tibet for Mindrolling, India, with her younger sister Jetsün Dechen Wangmo and her grand-nephew, Khenchen Khenrab Gyatso, the present Minling Khenchen.

An Inspiration to Others

In Mindrolling, India, Jetsünma lived and practiced, inspiring many to follow the true path of practice. She exemplified the life of an ideal practitioner with her simple lifestyle and dedication to practicing the Dharma.


Jetsün Tsewang Lhamo passed away on June 16, 1995 and remained in samadhi for three days. During these three days, many people from throughout the world came to pay their last respects to this great master and to receive her blessings. Thus, even Jetsünma's parinirvana became an example and inspiration for all practitioners, particularly to the monks, nuns, and lay-community of Mindrolling to practice the true Dharma and live a simple life.