New Guest House and Commercial Complex Near Completion

Written by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published on: 7 March 2010

Mindrolling Monastery is nearing completion of its new guest house and commercial complex.

This building which has 10 guest rooms, 8 shops, a restaurant and a coffee shop is being built to provide a source of income for the monastery so that it may continue to provide for the hundreds of monks living and studying at Mindrolling. This step towards creating an independent resource for the Monastery has been made possible through the generous sponsorship and fund raising by Ven. Lama Yonten from the Taipei Mindrolling Center.

Ven. Lama Yonten has been residing in Taipei, Taiwan and heading the Taipei Mindrolling Center since 1996. He was appointed by H. E. DG. Khochhen Rinpoche and has since then led the Taipei Mindrolling Center and served the vision of Mindrolling with great devotion and dedication.

New guest house and commercial complex during construction

Photo Credit: New guest house and commercial complex during construction
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