Much-Needed Road Repair at Mindrolling

Written by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published on: 20 December 2010

With many thousands of visitors coming to Mindrolling Monastery every year, the campus grounds become subject to the traffic of all the residents and visitors. Mindrolling Monastery is known for its beautiful campus grounds and much care and work is put into trying to maintain the wonderful work around the campus. However, the road leading up to Mindrolling and the all the roads around the campus had become very worn out due to years of wear and tear and so the proper reconstruction of the road became an important need-of-the-hour for the monastery. Therefore, through the great generosity of Mindrolling Jets√ľn Khandro Rinpoche and Samten Tse Charitable Projects, the roads of the entire campus ground were repaved with fresh asphalt. This wonderful help has ensured the beauty and cleanliness of the entire campus of the Mindrolling Monastery and all who live here and those who visit can now also enjoy the ease of movement around the land.

Photo Gallery

Photo Credit: A Mindrolling road before repaving began
©2010-11 Mindrolling International

Photo Credit: Lama Gedun Tenzin surveys the road paving project
©2010-11 Mindrolling International

Photo Credit: Road paving ©2010-11 Mindrolling International

Photo Credit: Completed roadway ©2010-11 Mindrolling International

Photo Credit: Repaved road leading from Mindrolling into Clement Town
©2010-11 Mindrolling International

Photo Credit: Monks walk on the newly paved road
©2010-11 Mindrolling International