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Prepared by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published: 5 April 2012

Kagyed Drubchen

The annual 10 day Kagyed Drubchen was held at Mindrolling from the 15th of March 2012 and culminated with the anniversary of Terdag Lingpa's parinirvana on the 24th of March 2012 (2nd day of the 2nd Lunar month). Ven. Tulku Lhundrub Tengay presided through the Drubchen as the Dorje Lopön.

Ven. Tulku Lhundrub Tengay presiding over the Drubchen.

The Kagyed Drubchen held in the Padmasambhava shrine room of the Great Stupa at Mindrolling.

The chöpön and the mandala of the Kagyed Drubchen.

Ritual dance performed every evening throughout the Kagyed drubchen.

Kagyed Drubchen ceremony 2012.

As part of the conclusion of this very sacred Drubchen, the Ngodrub Lencho (receiving the Siddhis) and Marme Monlam (butter lamp ceremony) were held on the 25th of March. The butter lamp ceremony was led by Ven. Tulku Ugyen Lhendrub.

Ven. Tulku Ugyen Lhendrub leading the Marme Monlam.

Thousands of butter lamps offered as part of the Marme Monlam.

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