News from the Taipei and the Puli Taiwan Mindrolling Centres

Prepared by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published on: 18 August 2012

The Tara practice done to commemorate the 16th Anniversary of the Taipei Mindrolling Centre

The Taipei Mindrolling Centre recently celebrated its 16th Anniversary. Many teachers over the years have visited the centre gracing it with their teachings, empowerments and blessings. Besides regular meditation and practice sessions and studies of the teachings, Ven. Lama Yonten and sangha members perform Dana activities, support charitable projects, organize the release of fishes and animals and many other such activities.

The celebration of its founding anniversary took place with the sangha joining for Tara practice followed by a wonderful dinner. Sangha members gathered joyously for this wonderful celebration.

This summer the Taipei Mindrolling Centre was graced by the presence and teachings of H.E. Khochhen Rinpoche. Rinpoche will also be visiting and conducting various Dharma activities at the Puli Mindrolling Centre.


Ven. Lama Yonten, who led the Tara practice

Ven. Lama Yonten and Jana, a sangha member in Taipei

The sangha enjoyed a wonderful dinner in honour of the 16th Anniversary

A beautiful cake was offered on the occasion

Lamp offering at the Puli Taiwan Mindrolling Centre

Many lamps were offered during Losar in 2012

The Puli Taiwan Mindrolling Centre just before a Long Life Empowerment.

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