Thugje Chenpo Drubchen is Held

Prepared by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published on: 1 March 2013

Ven. Tulku Lhundrub Tengay, as dorje lopön, presiding over the drubchen along with the umze of Mindrolling Ven. Tulku Ngawang Jigdral Kunga.

On the 19th of February (10th lunar day) through the 26th of February, the Thugje Chenpo drubchen or Mahakarunika (Red Chenrezig) sadhana was held to commemorate the parinirvana of Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen.

The Thugje Chenpo drubchen was revived last year and is one of the most important termas of Chögyal Terdag Lingpa. It is considered to be of immense importance for the Mindrolling lineage as well as one of the most renowned and profound transmissions within the Nyingma school.

The entire drubchen was sponsored by the Mindrolling Ladrang. Venerable Tulku Lhundrub Tengay presided as Dorje Lopön with many tulkus in attendance. Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche was present throughout the practice along with the nuns of Samten Tse and many western students. It was a true downpour of blessings to be present at this drubchen and for it to be held at Mindrolling once again for the benefit of all beings in the three realms.

The senior chöpön of Mindrolling, Gyurme Yeshe Phuntsog.

HE Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche along with the nuns of Samten Tse Retreat Center and numerous western practitioners during the drubchen.

The Gar Cham or ritual dance portion of the maha-sadhana of the Thugje Chenpo.

Distribution of the blessings of the drubchen.

Distribution of the blessings to the many people who attended the final day of the drubchen.

The senior Gekö or disciplinarian of Mindrolling, Gyurme Ngawang Choesang.

The nuns of Samten Tse Retreat Centre on their way to the shrineroom.

The monks prepare the sand mandala for the fire ceremony and offering.

The dorje lopön, Ven. Tulku Lhundrub Tengay during the fire puja, offering of the substances.

Offering of tormas during drubchen.

Setting the boundaries during the drubchen of Thugje Chenpo.

Photo Credits: ©2013 Mindrolling International