Mindrolling Monastery Participates in Relief Effort

Prepared by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published on: 19 July 2013

Helicopters landing with hundreds of survivors at the rescue and relief centre.

The monks of Mindrolling Monastery participated in the relief work for the victims of the massive flood and subsequent destruction in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Sadly the death toll for people could grow to 10,000 and countless animals died in the monsoon flooding and landslides. Thousands more were stranded and left homeless. Rescue efforts by helicopters and other means were undertaken for weeks. Relief camps were set up and maintained in the Dehra Dun area where those who were rescued, the rescue worker and the thousands looking for lost loved ones converged together.

Mindrolling monks led by Ven. Lama Tenkyab la at the relief camp.

Monks from Mindrolling and other monasteries of the area cooking for the thousands arriving at the camp in Dehra Dun.

Hot meals and tea being served by the monks for everyone who needed help.

Monks gathered to offer prayers for the thousands who lost their lives and the many more who were displaced or still unaccounted.

Monks serving food at the relief camp.

Children receiving food and care at the camp set up by the monks.

Monk at the relief camp.

Lama Tenkyab and representatives meet with the Governor of the state of Uttarakhand and offer donations towards the relief and rescue work.

Photo Credits: ©2013 Mindrolling International