Mindrolling in India

The Great Stupa

The Great StupaThe great stupa in Og Min Ogyen Mindrolling Monastery in Dehradun, India, is 185 feet tall and 100 square feet in width. It is the world's largest stupa and is a magnificent example of buddhist art and architecture. The stupa is surrounded by a 2-acre landscaped garden.

On the facade of the stupa Maitreya, the future Buddha, has been beautifully painted. Descending the steps is the present Buddha, the Buddha Shakyamuni.

On the several floors inside the stupa are shrine rooms with elaborate murals excuted in the finest tradition of Tibetan Buddhist art. Sacred relics have also been placed in the stupa.

Constructed to benefit all beings and dedicated to world peace, the Great Stupa was inaugurated on 28th of October, 2002.

Photo: D. Cipriani